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Industrial Solutions

We have designed Industrial Modules as per industry type. All below listed modules could be customized as per company requirements. These modules would be fully web-based & integrated. Also, these modules can be integrated with Business Model Modules. Software design has been taken care by renowned Consultants (Our Advisory Board) and experienced Domain Experts. Our Industrial Model Modules are –

  • Production Schedule Planning & Monitoring System
  • Marketing-Merchandising Management System
  • Supply Chain-Distribution Management System
  • Administration System
  • Equipment-Vehicle Maintenance & Monitoring Management System
  • Customer Relation Management System

Corporate Support

We have very experienced and skilled team members to provide solution & support to any organization. Our team members are guided by talented & experienced leaders and consultants. Large scale to small scale enterprises cost effective solutions could be provided by BAZL. We have expertise in –

  • Application Development
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Internet Marketing
  • IT Infrastructure Setup
  • ERP Solutions

Our works

Here we have listed a small list of our works in different categories ie. Web Design, Web Development, E-commerce, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, CakePhp, CodeIgniter. etc












Human Resources

Human Resource Module is a fully web based comprehensive automated solution for Human Resources Management, Payroll and lot of features to support HR and Finance Department. This module consists of dynamic defined features as per company policies. It is designed to process and provide all information starting form recruitment till final settlement. A complex Human Resource System including Compliance Code of Conduct Management facilities could easily managed here.

This product has been fabricated under consultation of experienced HR domain experts.

  • Employment Management
  • Dynamically salary rule defined system
  • Leave Management
  • Daily Attendance Monitoring
  • Suspend, Release, On Duty, Faulty Attendee Options
  • Payroll System
  • All sorts of customized reports.


Inventory Ms

Our Inventory Module is an outstanding automated process from initiation to reports. This is close Management Monitoring tools also for Inventory System. Proficient Consultants and Domain Experts found their reviews performed accurately in this module. Some extravagant Business Process Re-engineering has been performed on Store Management System too.

Some Important Features –

  • Requirement & Requirement Tracking System
  • Store Monitoring System
  • Quarantine & Material Acceptance Process
  • Supplier’s Bill Management System
  • Storing Management System
  • Stock Level Management
  • Loan / Refund System
  • Computer generated Gate Pass, Delivery Receipt etc. Option
  • MIS & necessary Inventory Reports

Procurement MS

Procurement Module is fully web based procurement process with tracking features. A lot of Business Process Re-engineering has been accumulated here and software has been designed with Domain knowledge expertise.

Some Important Features –

  • Procurement & Payment Method Design
  • Comparative Statement (CS) & Work Order (WO) Management
  • Process Tracking System
  • Necessary reports.


Accounting MS

Our Accounting Module is complete web based Accounting System, which is truly helpful for the Management. All required Accounting Process for Unlimited Company could easily be handled by the software. High educated & talented Consultants & Domain Experts was solely involved to develop such an excellent module.

Some Important Features –

  • Accounting Management Policy System
  • Day Books & Posting System
  • Anytime Day-End, Month-End & Year-End Reporting
  • Account Group Policy Management
  • Budgetary Management with Variance Reporting
  • All necessary MIS & required reports

Commercial MS

This Commercial Module is full featured system including LC Management to Process Tracking. very Efficient Domain Experts has been involved at the time of software design. C&F Agents Work to Customs Audit process would be enjoyed for Commercial Department and cent percent sit-back for Management Bodies.

Some Important Features –

  • Sales Contract & Master LC Management
  • LC Group & B2B / New LC Management
  • Proforma Invoice Management
  • Shipment Process Tracking
  • Import-Export Documents Management Tracking
  • Customs Audit Management
  • MIS & necessary reports.




TERMS will transform organization’s all work processes in standard approach. The core focal points of this software are –


  • Ensure flexible, secured and web-based services to each department.
  • Increasing efficiency of manpower by managing day to day task report of each employee.
  • Reducing cost involvement on work process as most of the request and approval process will be managed by software, which will usually be known as virtual paperless office.
  • Manage “Demand Management Procedure” for customizable management policy upon situations.
  • Measure efficiency of each work force by providing marks for their day wise accomplished jobs.
  • Strong management supportive tools for comfortable decision-making & day-to-day operation.
  • The software will be designed in the manner that each user will get information for day wise operation as and when required. So the user need not to waste time to collect data from other users.
  • Human Resource Management system for huge employees will be efficiently manageable with Compliance Code of Conduct feature.
  • Purchase process will be managed with PS Code feature for Foreign Procurement. Also some mandatory features like Spot Quotation & Purchase, Work Order Process, Tender Process, B2B LC Process etc. will also be in the system.
  • Stock & Store process will be covered with Minimum, Re-order and Maximum Level options.
  • Production department will get facilities like automated production planning, monitoring, rearrangements of worker etc.
  • Corporate Finance system will be entitled in the software with highest features of modern accounting.
  • Communication process, tool for “Competitive Marketing Management” in global context, tool for “Cost Preparation of Product” etc. will be provided for Marketing Division to accelerate the order process with competitive rate on products.
  • Merchandisers will get sufficient tool for production information, communication with buyer, shipment planning etc. in the manner of organization.
  • Software will provide efficient alert mechanism for “Schedule Maintenance” of equipments.
  • Corporate Management will get sufficient MIS as per the tier/requirement.