How we work

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Our Project Management

For project management activities We follow the PMI framework and Prince 2 methodologies . Here we cover all the activities from planning, monitoring to controlling the project which is of world standard.

As part of the BAZL, the technical expertise for product and process development are not only represented by stakeholders , but also the business implications of product and process development. Various project management and development activities are managed by the project plan, as well as others from various relevant stakeholders. Some examples are Configuration management, verification, measurement and analysis etc.

The project monitors activities and taking disciplinary action. It specifies the necessary level of project monitoring, the frequency of progress checkup, and the measures used in it. By comparing project status to the plan, the progress is determined initially. Overtime appropriate actions are taken when the progress seems deviated a lot from the expected.

Our Process Management

Here we do activities to planning, implementing, monitoring, controlling, and improving processes. We always follow defined processes for quality product and service delivery.

  • Requirements Management manages any extra requirements.
  • All the planning, checkup and control of projects are handled through the Integrated Project Planning process and the Integrated Project Monitoring and Control process.
  • The Configuration Management process performs activities related to maintaining the integrity of products and baselines.
  • Creation of technical solutions from requirements, and the related verification and validation activities are performed using the Software Engineering Lifecycle process and Work Product Review process.
  • Risk Management processes Risks to identify, evaluate and mitigate.
  • Quality Assurance process assures Quality related to a project that are planned and executed.
  • Non-project activities are classified using the Internal Audit process
  • For informed decision making, The Measurement & Analysis process is used to provide measurement and analysis.
  • Decision Analysis and Resolution process decides Significant decisions
  • Training is planned and provided using the Training process

Our Quality Management

  • Ensure quality for customer satisfaction and cost competitiveness
  • Every member are recognized for their dedication, commitment & continuous training.
  • Exceeding customers expectations by making timely deliveries.

Quality Management System:

Birds A and Z is devoted to providing persistent levels of high quality products and services to our customers. Our experienced team of Quality experts strengthens our ability to deliver superior quality products and services through improve our process framework continueously.

Components of our Quality Management System:
  • Robust Technical and Quality Standards
  • Reusable & predictable Process Assets Library
  • Defect prevention techniques & Causal analysis
  • Prompt and Organized Lifecycles
  • Comprehensive Quality Guide