Birds A and Z LIMITED

Birds A and Z LIMITED (BAZL) was founded with high focus & experience in IT arena, and has from its inception applied state-of-the art software simulation techniques and deep IT expertise to model the interactions of Business Solutions and Information Technology. During time, the company performed custom research and software projects. Eventually, this work was embodied in our core technology. BAZL Developer was also offered for high-throughput, computer cluster applications. BAZL is continuously improving it core technologies through feature enhancement, usability improvements, and expanding and incorporating the scientific data from a variety of sources, which serves as the backbone for the business engine.

BAZL is a premier IT company located in Dhaka providing offshore IT outsourcing solutions to businesses across the globe. BAZL provides enterprise solutions that include software solutions, web solutions, mobile application solutions, Internet marketing and a whole gamut of IT solutions and products to clients. Leveraging on the innate offshore value is advantage of our development centers in Bangladesh, we provide customized, scalable and cost effective solutions to businesses.

Our Mission

With Birds A and Z (BAZL) companies can get unbeatable expertise and support, companies can create Business Solutions that fit all their needs, not just their technical requirements. The organization as a whole gets the power, control, and long term viability of a complete IT system. And each individual user can get focused on the most important and relevant data they need and focus on building the business. With BAZL, companies go beyond Business Solutions to engage in proactive business management.

IT Training Services

BAZL offers technology training that provides opportunities for faculty, staff, students and members of the community to acquire technology skills and knowledge through scheduled classes, featuring hands-on exercises and trainers with real-world experience.

In addition to scheduled classes, BAZL Training Services offers:

  • Custom Group Training – For departments and groups looking to tailor course content to specific working environments and projects. Our professional trainers will work with you to develop a custom training solution to fit your needs.
  • Custom One-On-One Training – For individuals with specific needs or extremely limited availability, we offer personalized, one-on-one instruction – in a Training Services classroom.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities – For individual professors, University departments and units or local companies aiming to enhance learning through hands-on technology training; state-of-the-art technology classrooms are available.

Other Services

  • Desktop application development
  • Web-based application development
  • Social Network web sites
  • E-Shops
  • Corporate web sites
  • CMS solutions
  • Client-server application development


T.E.R.M.S. (Textile Enterprise Resource Management System) is garments related software developed and soon to marketed by BAZL. This is the flagship software and one many reasons of the creation of the BAZL itself.

In the late 1990s’ one renowned garments group acknowledged the need for integrating IT to the garments sector. And that urge caused the birth of T.E.R.M.S.

It is a combination of many modules. Even the modules can be used as an individual application. BAZL offers that is in need for software that would faster their production, minimize the human error and increase the profit, recommends the T.E.R.M.S.

About us

BAZL has been formed from BIRDS GROUP, a renowned name in Garments Sector of Bangladesh


BAZL provides training, learning and working environment


BAZL has been working in custom Web Based Application development


We have designed Industrial Modules as per industry type and organizations